Potential planets supporting life in solar system

Potential planets supporting life in the solar system After a very long time, finally, I stopped procrastinating and start to write about astronomy again. In this blog post, I go through the planets that potentially support life in our solar system. I’m doing it because scientists found new stuff recently and so many new news floating around. Mars We are familiar with Mars, especially after successful Curiosity Rover landing. And it is getting more and more attractive as scientists make discoveries.

Where Earth life originated?

Where Earth life originated? First of all happy new year and wish all have a good year ahead. It was during my holiday that I started to think where possibly Earth life originated. Was it there since the beginning of time? Or aliens introduced it? Or a meteorite hit the Earth at some point and brought some microbes survived all the way? For that, I did some search on the net, as usual, and found an interesting article from Space.

Phobos and Deimos, Mars moons

Introduction Recently, I have stumbled upon an article about Mars moons. To be honest, I didn’t know that Mars has any moons at all until I read the article. Anyhow, after reading the article, I decided to write a short blog post to introduce Mars moons for those, like me, who don’t know about them. Mars moons Mars has two moons named Phobos and Deimos. Phobos is the bigger one and Deimos is the smaller.

Amazing alien worlds miniatures

Amazing alien worlds miniatures I know I have not posted anything for sometimes. But believe me, I was keeping eyes on the astronomy news but nothing interesting (at least me), came up. Until now of course! I guess that’s why I am writing this post. Well, this is mainly about art but since it is about alien worlds, my main interest, then I share it here. I have stumbled upon a post from Universetoday.

A place on Earth, water but no life

A place on Earth, water but no life Scientists found a place in Ethiopia where there’s water but it has no living life, link. Dallol, Ethiopia credit:Puri Lopez-Garcia What does it mean to us? Well not very good news, I am afraid. That could indicate that even if there are places in and out of our solar system that have water, there might not be life there.

Evidence of vapor water on Europa

Evidence of vapor water on Europa This is the second good news from our solar system this week. Two days ago, Titan, and today Europa, the Jupiter moon. As mentioned before scientists speculate the existence of a liquid ocean underneath the Europa icy surface. And today, source, they have announced that they found evidence of vapor water. What does it mean to us? It means more possibilities of supporting life on Europa.

Possibilities of life in the solar system, Saturn's moon Titan

Possibilities of life in the solar system, Saturn’s moon Titan Well, I have some exciting news about the possibilities of life in the solar system. But this time is not Mars or Europa, it’s about Titan, a Saturn’s moon. According to Reuters, data from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft reveals the existence of carbon in Titan. This speculates scientists about the possibilities of life under the icy ocean in Titan. My analysis, if the liquid water runs under the Titan icy ocean, the chance of microbiological life is higher than Mars.

More possibilities of life on Mars, Oxygen discovery

More possibilities of life on Mars, Oxygen discovery I read a great news today. Mars Curiosity has found Oxygen on Mars. This means higher chances of microorganism life on Mars. As we already knew Methane exists on Mars that raises during summer for unknown reasons. And now Oxygen discovery hypothetically speaking means the existence of some sort of life. Or the ability to supporting life on Mars. I am very excited about it and can’t wait for more detailed findings.

Gorgeous Mars Curiosity pictures

Gorgeous Mars Curiosity pictures Well I am little bit late this time but anyhow it is an interesting news. On November first, Sol 2573, Curiosity rover has reached to a bleak mountain in mid of a crater. And from there it has sent some amazing pictures. The objective of going through this path is to understand how and when water was flowing on Mars. Enjoy this gorgeous picture, Sol 2573 Mars Curiosity Rover credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Possibilities of life out of the Earth

Possibilities of life out of the Earth So NASA has confirmed hundreds of exoplanets, source. And seems more yet to come. But these planets are not so close to us. The closest ones are 50 light-years away. And available data about them are rather limited given the far distance. This could be very disappointing. Even with the fast speed of technology advancement. But wait, there are more viable options.