Possibilities of life out of the Earth

So NASA has confirmed hundreds of exoplanets, source. And seems more yet to come. But these planets are not so close to us. The closest ones are 50 light-years away. And available data about them are rather limited given the far distance.

This could be very disappointing. Even with the fast speed of technology advancement.

But wait, there are more viable options.


Yes, to me there’s some chance of life on Mars, even very slim. Historical data shows at some point Mars similar to Earth had an atmosphere and even some rivers were running, most probably water, which traces are visible. So even though Mars has lost most of its atmosphere, still there is some chance of life there. I mean humans can introduce. That seems more achievable and realistic.


Another close place is Jupiter’s moon Europa. Europa has a thick frozen ocean on surface and scientists speculating there could be liquid water running beneath the frozen ocean. This is very positive because where ever water exists, some sort of life exists.