A word on extraterrestrial life

I was reading an article by Space.com titled

Discovering Extraterrestrial Life Would Be Slow and Uncertain

That made me think for a second about extraterrestrial life which could be interesting to share.

For a second, imagine that tomorrow scientists discovered a sort of life exists out of the earth. No need to be too odd like weird formed alien, just a microorganism life, very simple.

Then how much our vision to the world will be shifted?

I would say a massive shift. Because it invalidates many things including some scientific laws, rules, religions, etc. That gives me some sort of goosebumps. It is like suddenly a blind person begins to see the world. So fascinating.

So to me doesn’t matter how long it takes to find extraterrestrial life but what’s important is keep searching. To me, that’s the silver lining of humanity.